About On-demand Training

About On-demand Training

On-demand Training is a convenient and affordable online training solution that gives you anywhere, anytime access to valuable content from any web-enabled device. With 24×7 access to your training, you can learn on your own timeline. On-demand courses are modular and searchable so you can focus your learning on the topics you need now.

On-demand Training is sold as a subscription and entitles a single user access to On-demand Training for a 12-month period from the date of purchase.

On-demand Training offers you:

  • Value With flexible and affordable subscription plans, On-demand Training delivers high-quality training content at a low cost.
  • Convenience We have built a reputation for providing industry-leading training. Now, we’re making training available any time, from any location, on any web-enabled device.
  • Quality On-demand Training offers a rich online learning environment that includes expert instructors and video demonstrations.
  • Content With more than 100 current courses for administrators and technical experts, we provide a diverse and ever-growing library covering the spectrum of Micro Focus®, NetIQ® and SUSE® solutions.

Introductory video for On-demand Training


Overview Information

On-demand Training includes three types of courses:

  • Quick Task Training These short training modules address a wide range of topics such as common support issues, migrations, troubleshooting and advanced coverage of specific product features or functionality.
  • Administrator-level Training Courses Once you have the product installed and configured, you need to know how to use it productively. Administrator-level training courses teach basic, day-to-day operation of the product.
  • Engineer-level Training Courses Engineer-level training courses include intermediate to advanced content which goes beyond the normal day-to-day administration topics. On-demand engineer-level training covers special products and topics not found in larger training venues.

Subscription Information

NetIQ Library and Portfolio bundles

An all-access pass gives you annual access (from date of purchase) to all the On-demand Training content for NetIQ. We also offer course bundles based off of Micro Focus product portfolios. These bundles grant you access to products typically found together in production environments.

What is On-demand Training?

  • Convenient and flexible solution to non-traditional training options
  • Accessible online at any time and anywhere from any web-enabled device
  • Perfect for those who may not have the time or budget for traditional classroom training
  • Helps your employees and customers gain the knowledge and expertise they need to remain competitive


How do I access On-demand Training?

You can access On-demand Training by going to www.microfocus.com/ondemand, elearning.netiq.com, or elearning.suse.com. Then click on Sign-in at the top-right side of page, log in using your username and password. If nothing appears (or an error message is displayed), contact the Customer Resolution Team at ondemand-training@microfocus.com for assistance.

Employees will need to login using their external user accounts. Contact the eService Desk with any issues or questions regarding your external user account.

Does the On-demand Training cover the same content as the traditional instructor-led training?

On-demand Training courses cover much of the same content as traditional training; however, the delivery format is different. Content is delivered via recordings and demos by instructors and other subject matter experts. Two important distinguishing factors between On-demand Training and instructor-led training are the instructor interaction and the lab environment containing virtual machines with the software installed. Due to licensing rules, we cannot provide the lab environment via the On-demand Training portal.

What are the benefits of On-demand Training?

On-demand Training helps you gain the knowledge and expertise you need to stay competitive. By utilizing this alternative delivery method, you can reduce the time needed to attend training classes and the expense associated with travel.

On-demand Training is also flexible enough to meet the demands of people’s busy schedules. Because you can study anytime and anyplace, you are not limited to class schedules or locations. Most On-demand courses are broken down into individual modules of limited duration—meaning you can learn when you have a few spare minutes. You can also repeat courses and modules at any time if needed.

Where can I find pricing for On-demand Training subscriptions?

The current pricing for On-demand Training subscriptions is available on the current Micro Focus, NetIQ, and SUSE price lists. You can also go to the Shop to purchase via credit card.

Who can I contact for more information about On-demand Training?

Contact your authorized representative or sales person for more in-depth information. You can also use the “request a sales call” found on most Micro Focus, NetIQ and SUSE web pages.